Lessons from AFCON 2013

Some sundays ago, the African continent witnessed the emergence of a new champion of the highest footballing tournament in the continent: The African Cup of Nations. Nigeria had defeated the stallions of Burkina Faso to emerge champions.
You can read up my summary and analysis of the Nigerian AFCON 2013 success on Soccergunz but right here I would point at some lessons I learnt.
1. Don’t underrate anybody: The ouster of some big soccer countries like Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Zambia in the group stage was surprising. More surprising is the qualification of debutant Cape Verde, Burkina Faso and Togo.
2. Every dog has his day, even the underdog: against all odds, Nigeria and Burkina Faso defeated favorites Cote d’Ivoire and Ghana to progress to the semis and finals respectively. Nigeria and the Burkina-babe were the underdogs.
3. Experience isn’t just enough, where is the drive? The elephants of cote d’ivoire had experience on their side with great popular players but they met a purpose driven Nigerian Team. Same can be said of Ghana and South Africa’s exit.
4. Two heads are better than one: the better teams were those that had a few individualistic player but played as a team. Cape Verde, Burkina Faso, Mali and Nigeria are the epitome of my point.
5. Criticism must come, but just believe: Stephen Keshi was heavily criticized by the media and fans of Nigeria, but he believed in his team and the Gold is in Nigeria.
I have so many other lessons learnt but let’s see yours in the comment.

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