Happiness is Back

Late Thursday night, I came home with the excitation of seeing my beloved sister Happiness home. She has been away for a while in search of a degree in one of the Universities in Nigeria and her presence has been missed.

I am using this opportunity to ask you, where is your happiness? Our work, career and pursuit has taken away our happiness and thus the mood have been tensed.We spend so much time chasing deadlines at work, rushing in and out of events. we spend little or no time with our spouse, family and friends. we are carried away with meeting targets and living up to expectations.

It is high time we have a break and repair the broken fence, patch the leaking roof, tar the sandy road and make someone happy.Take a time away and relax with family, after all it is the festive season filled with holidays. Rejoice ever more. Acunamatata.

Meanwhile, my sister celebrated her birthday today 21st Dec. Happy birthday my only sister. This post is hers.


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